Coated paper: Paper having a surface coating which produces a smooth finish. Surfaces vary from eggshell to glossy.


Uncoated paper: Uncoated paper is typically used for letterheads, copy paper, or printing paper. Most types of uncoated paper are surface sized to improve their strength.


Specialty paper: Carbonless paper, Thermal paper, Parchment, Pressure sensitive and Litho label.


Packaging grades: Board grades: CCKB, CCNB, SBS, Poly Kraft boards, Kraft lines board, and Chip boards. Paper grades: Natural bag Kraft, Bleached Kraft bag, Newsprint including Kraft’s with wet strength, waxed, Poly, and grease resistant.


Cut sizes: The smaller sizes of paper generally used by quick printers as well as desktop printers. Two common cut sizes are 8.5” x 11” (Letter size) or 11” x 17” (Tabloid)


Fine papers: Printing and writing paper grades based mainly on chemical pulps. Normally the content of mechanical pulps is below 10% and the amount of fillers in the range 5–25%.


Text & Cover: Text: The body matter of a page or book, as distinguished from the headings. Cover: A variety of papers used for the covers of catalogs, brochures, booklets and similar pieces.


Newsprint: Paper made mostly from ground wood pulp and small amounts of chemical pulp; used for printing newspapers.


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